Hello, World!

After some months of slowly but steady progress, my personal website is finally up and running! It has been a while since I decided to start a blog and build a personal website, but I’m quite happy with the final result.

As you can see, this site includes a blog, a list of my side projects and the professional path that I have followed. The main section will be the blog, but for now I don’t want to set a strict period of time between posts. I want to write about interesting and useful things, as well as share personal reflexions, and publish them when I feel it’s the right time.

Regarding the stack used to build this site, I picked Gatsby as the static site generator framework, hosted in Netlify. In order to publish new posts, I use the Netlify CMS, whichs allows me to write and publish posts in Markdown using any device. The projects section grabs the projects information from my Github profile, using the Github API.

That’s all for now!

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